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14-30 December, 2018 | Oliphant 8 A, Tel Aviv
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Nouli Omer in a solo exhibition - on her own turf


Festive Opening: Friday, December 14, 2018, at 12 noon.  On view through December 30, 2018.

Opening celebration with music, wine, poetry books exhibit, and a short performance by the artist.

Open: Tues. and Thurs., 4  - 7 p.m.

Fri. and Sat., 12 noon – 4 p.m.

Oliphant 8 A, Tel Aviv.


Actor, creative maker and multidisciplinary artist Nouli Omer is launching her one-person show Eclectipus, in which her private home in the heart of Tel Aviv becomes the exhibition space. She is showing her artworks from various periods in her life in her own private home, emphasizing the symbiosis in which her art and life are intertwined.

Through her diverse works, including paintings on canvas, painted plates, assemblages and embroideries, the artist is striving to combine various messages, whose common theme is freedom. This freedom moves along a broad spectrum of connections, contexts and interpretations by Omer, who is self-taught and thus not bound by the institutionalized “rules” of art.

Freedom and its antithesis (bounds, barriers) hover over these works which are critical of religions, human trafficking, especially of women and children, trade in animals, greed, and more.

The works in the exhibition ECLECTIPUS are brimming with details and colors, capturing attention immediately. Omer seeks to transmit painful contents through movement, plenty, color, glitter and gold (symbolizing the sublime and the degradation that can result from the pursuit of money and fame).

Nouli Omer’s goal is to connect difficulty to passion and shape the difficulty in such a way as to bring a smile to the viewer’s face as well as cause a sinking sensation in the belly. In like manner, in her personae as actor and comic, Omer’s objective is to translate criticism into humor, which is evident in the artworks. The goal of the colorfulness is to praise life and burst the boundaries of freedom faced with both internal and external barriers.

The bird image is a powerful image of freedom, appearing in many of her works, her “fetish” creature since early childhood: spread wings symbolize perfect freedom. The obverse of freedom is symbolized by the birdcages in the assemblages and by the bars in her paintings.

The assemblages on view are made from readymades, including frames, sieves, whistles, dolls, feathers, and more. All of the elements create a rich visual overload, often in an extreme Baroque style, with gold and glittering gemstones.

Among the works are “High Class Prostitute,”  with a gilded seductive figure, mouth and eyes wide open, at first glance seeming to live in luxury, with mournful question marks arising at second glance as they catch sight of the stray birds integrated into the work; “The Oligarch’s Wife,”  with a bird in a golden cage which, in a ridiculous way, chirps when hearing applause; “Success,” showing a self-styled powerful figure, eyes blinded by stars, and paper money becoming a cigarette thrust in his mouth; “Look at Me,” a painting on canvas of a caged golden monkey with a human look of deep sorrow impossible to ignore; “Hugh Hefner’s Jewelry” showing golden figures of women hanging over an abyss on very thin wires; and more.

The choice of venue was deliberate. ECLECTIPUS corresponds with the artist’s home, designed in the craft style yet wild, colorful, and abundant. Sometimes it is difficult for the viewer to understand what “belongs” to the exhibit and what is part of the home design. Thus, viewers must reveal the answer for themselves or perhaps realize that everything, actually, is…This is one huge artistic celebration.


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