Nouli Omer

Lives and creates in Tel –Aviv

Artist’s Statement


My artwork has taken shape over the years as an independent, personal style, not connected to any trend and free of commitment to any group or movement.
I work intuitively. One of the themes arising repeatedly in many of my works, whether overtly or covertly, is flight. 
The flight may be expressed in concrete images such as birds, symbolizing both freedom and vulnerability for me, or in abstract images often characterized by vibrant colors and amorphous forms. 
My preferred mediums are painting on canvas, assemblage, painting on plates, drawing, and embroidery.
Freedom from consensus and artistic independence lie at the center of my art-making as I seek to convey a social critique, usually through humor.
The choice of plentiful, overflowing color in my work reflects and intensifies my joie de vivre.

About Nouli


Solo Exhibitions

2019 - "In the name of gold", Beit haamanim, Tel-Aviv

2018 - "Eclectupus", Olifant 8, Tel-Aviv

2017 - "Smile happy bird", Beit haamanim, Tel-Aviv

2015 - "Stain", Arsouf gallery, Tel-Aviv

2013 - "Flying Away", Arsuf gallery, Tel-Aviv

2011 - "Pinhole", Beit Haamanim, Tel-Aviv   

2010 - "If you are a magnet I am a jar", Soho, Tel-Aviv

2009 - "Bor ve-am haarets", video installation, Yanko Dada Museum, Ein-Hod, Israel.

2007-  "Man Woman, Steel Wool", Office Gallery, Tel-Aviv

1998 - "The moss carnival", Amalia Arbel Gallery, Tel-Aviv  


Group exhibitions

2019 - "Simla", Agripas gallery, Jerusalem

2018 - Five floors of art, Weizmann Institute of science

2016 - "Not smiling" - video art, Venice

2015 - Tragicomic Performance, 12 POC, Miss China Gallery, Paris

2014 - Video participation at the exhibition dedicated to Hameuchad Gilbert Lascault, Paris

2010 - "Prey birds, Song birds", Zadik Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2010 - "Without", ZOA, Tel-Aviv

2005 - "Red carpet", Liora Kanterwic, Tel-Aviv

2005 - "Majority Authority", Saluna, Tel-Aviv


Artistic and diverse studies

1982-1985 - Nissan Nativ Studio for Acting

1980-1982 - University of Tel Aviv, Hebrew Literature

1980-1982 - Rubin Academy of Music, Tel-Aviv